No Trotting For Me This Year

Last year I was super motivated and excited to participate in not one but two Turkey Trots. The first was a great (Read: flat) 10K course, The Columbia Turkey Chase, the weekend before Thanksgiving. The second was the oldest Turkey Trot in the country, the 117th Annual YMCA Buffalo Turkey Trot. The photograph I've included today is from the Buffalo Turkey Trot. I think there were over 15 thousand people participating. It was packed with people. It was such a beautiful and mild day. We had so much fun. There were three aunts and four cousins in our group. Unfortunately, my body did not take my new found trotting very well, so I had pretty significant ankle problems for the next couple of months. Needless to say I'm not participating in any Turkey Trots this year. And the weather is a lot colder this weekend, so I'm glad I wasn't planning to do one. However, I did get my workout in at my Total Conditioning class. Driving over to the club, the streets were pretty empty. It reminded me of the days when it seemed like everything was closed for a holiday. It was such a delightful feeling to be just at home, just like a snow day. No place to be except wherever dinner was going to be served. The only plans for the day were to read the Black Friday ads and decide if or when and where we would shop the next day. We'd enjoy watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and, oh, the delicious smells of turkey and dressing throughout the house. And, the tradition that was added more recently: watching the movie Elf that night to officially kick off the Christmas season. We have not strayed too far from any of the above traditions, if at all. We've just added a few things, like getting in a morning workout and writing my blog post. I'm going to enjoy the delights this day offers and be thankful for them all. Happy Thanksgiving!



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