Recipe Relief

I was not as productive earlier in the day as I would have hoped. I got my sanity 3600 yard swim in at the pool, so that was good. It included a 1200 yard fly drill with fins, so that made me happy. Love fly with fins. Afterwards, I enjoyed a bowl of my delicious soup for lunch and then… nothing. I tried salvaging the afternoon a little by confirming our 50th Anniversary cake order with Touché Touchét. It is (still) all set for the Saturday pick up. I am really looking forward to having of piece (or two) of that cake. Our tasting sample was amazing. I also sorted through a bunch of holiday shopping catalogues. I usually spend a lot of time carefully going through them for gift ideas, however today I was looking to lighten the load as quickly as possible. Then, it was time to pick up our son from the airport. He made it home safe and sound, too. Thank goodness! The nest is now full again. Yippee! I heated up the “Homecoming Soup” for Alex. After dinner, which was quite lively with all four of us at the table, I made a critical trip to my friend Susan's. And I am so grateful I did. First, I picked up her big coffee pot and got instructions on how to use it. That was important. But, I also took the Crab Triangles recipe with me just to confirm I know what to do. Well, I am so glad I double checked it. Susan is a very good cook, and she is always making or baking something for some event or someone. So, I consider her in the elite class of chefs that always has a trick or something they add that isn't written down/included in the recipe. Tonight we discovered that my Crab Triangles recipe was completely incorrect. It had parts to it that were doubled and parts that weren't, among other discrepancies. Susan was looking at it and saying, “Where did you get this one? This isn't my recipe.” At the bottom of the page I had written “Delicious recipe from Susan B.” So, I had to chuckle at the recipe being so wrong. I'm reasonably certain this is my first attempt at making this recipe (at least I hope it is!). And, of course, I am so grateful I listened to whatever little voice urged me to double check it with her. Whew! Now, I am feeling much better about serving them at the party. They will hopefully be the “delicious ones” I am remembering from the last time I had them. #hocofoods



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