Homecoming Soup

One of my goals for today was to finish the homemade vegetable beef soup for tonight's dinner. Mission accomplished. It has become a tradition that I've carried on that started when I was a little girl. My grandparents on my dad's side would always have a pot of this delicious soup on the stove, ready for us when we drove into town for Christmas. So, when my daughter left for college, I wanted to have this special treat for her when she came home for winter breaks. My daughter got in tonight and was starving. It was perfect to have the hot soup all ready when we walked in the door from the airport. It had been freezing cold up at her school for the past few days, as it has been here. So, she was excited to have the soup. And, it was delicious. As she got herself settled in for the week, John and I decided to go to Costco. I had planned to go this afternoon, but getting the soup done took a lot more time this afternoon than I thought it would. Costco was pretty crowded with holiday shoppers, as we anticipated. We were lucky to get in and out without too much hassle. And the good news was that we got a few more items checked off our list for the party.

On the pool front, the collection box at the Swim Center was looking a little more full today. Yay! Hopefully the donations will keep coming in this week. Go team! I'm planning to also swim tomorrow and Wednesday as part of my continuing effort to pre-burn calories and keep my stress level down. I may try for a fitness class at one of the CA clubs on Thursday, as well. We will have to see how the party plans look at that time…or see where my stress level is.




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