Shedding Stress and Calories

Just looking at the recipes and shopping lists for the 50th Anniversary Party make me feel like I need to start adding extra exercise classes to my fitness regimen. Extra classes to burn calories that I am only thinking about consuming, but that make me feel like I've already gained 10 pounds. The calories are one part of the equation, but the other is stress management. I've often said that swimming is my biggest stress reliever. But, any and all exercise can help me manage my party and holiday stress levels. This afternoon, I went to the gym to ride the stationary bikes they have. I was feeling really out of sorts. I could not break the To Do list down into logical pieces. In fact, I started worrying that I have so much on my mind I'm going to forget something. And I had. I forgot to write “cooked shrimp” on one of my lists, and you would have thought I planned two parties for the same night. That's when I knew…I had to get to the gym ASAP. I did a 50 minute spin session on a pretty uncomfortable bike. But, I was determined to start pre-burning calories. That's a thing right? And I was very determined to pull myself together and trust my ability to focus. It's going be a great party, even if I forget the shrimp. (But I shouldn't because it is back on the list.)



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