One Step Back

Today was a mixed bag of personal fitness and work for me. I started the day at Masters swimming this morning. I swim primarily at The Swim Center, in Columbia, MD. The Swim Center is a Columbia Association (CA) facility, of which there are a number of them. CA is sponsoring a Food Drive and a little friendly competition between all of the facilities. As soon as our Masters group heard the word “competition,” we were on it. We became “Team Swim Center”! Several of us took to Twitter to get the word out. Sue, our coach, sent an email to the entire Masters group list about it. I'm hoping we can do a lot of good and bring home the bragging rights of a facility victory for the “team!” After the excitement of that competition, and the fun of swim practice, I tried to get something done at home before I had to go to work. But, I didn't have a lot of time. I went to work at a swim meet. I was surrounded by moms and dads who are still quite child/children focused. And, I think that got me thinking about our empty nest. My happy mood was definitely fading. Everything around me is changing or has already changed. Things were so static for so long, or at least there was a predictability to our lives. But, tonight, instead of feeling the excitement of all the new and wonderful opportunities and possibilities of now, I'm thinking I'm not all that crazy about new or wonderful opportunities. I'm kind of tired of new and different. I guess today may be the “one step back” part of growing into this new time in my life. I had taken my two or three steps forward, so I guess I was due for a one step back.



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