Lots To Do and Lots To Look Forward To Doing

It seems the search for a second multi cup coffee maker ended today. Not only is it hard to be a non-coffee drinker in a coffee drinking world, but now in the era of the K cup and the fancy individualized coffee service, the multi cup pot is almost as extinct as the dinosaur. Lucky for me, my friend Susan has one I can use for the 50th anniversary party. So, I'll pick that up early next week. Whew. I also have been trying to think of two additional hot appetizers to serve at the party. The same Susan has a delicious crab triangles recipe that I remembered. So, I think I'm going to make those (actually, I'm going to ask my daughter if she will take on the triangles!). And, I think I will also probably make a holiday meatball recipe that is really delicious. So today has been really good for getting some more details in place. I have to dig out both of those recipes, so maybe I can put them in a future blog with the party menu. We' ll see. It is getting really exciting. Also, I have to start the pot of homemade vegetable beef soup for when the kids come home next week. I think I'll start the soup on Saturday. So, I'll have some more shopping to do tomorrow. Lots to do! Lots to look forward to doing! I just have to remember to breathe and write everything down.



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