Rookie Mistake

The information in my brain must be compartmented or stored in such a way that some knowledge is not accessible without certain triggers. I'm not trying to be deep, I'm justifying a rookie mistake we made tonight. My husband and I chose to go out to dinner. It's Tuesday. We don't really ever eat out on a Tuesday, but I was going to get home from work too late to prepare the meal I had planned to make. So, we decided to meet at the Qdoba in Columbia. My husband got there first. He called to ask where I was and to say he was getting in line because the place was very crowded…with students. Oh yeah. Qdoba has 50% off on Tuesdays for students and teachers. Duh. I knew that. We probably would have picked another restaurant had I remembered. I apparently didn't remember because I didn't have the kids at home right now. It was completely common knowledge when they were in high school. But tonight, no kids equalled no memory. The kids rarely went to Qdoba on Tuesdays anyway, because I used to actually make dinner. So, there we were, practically the only adults in the place, and definitely the only ones without kids. It was a rookie mistake. An empty nest rookie mistake. #Hocofood #hocoblogs



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