It’s That Time of Year to Spread Holiday Cheer


Warning: I was unable to stop myself from rhyming (or trying to anyway) in the writing of this post.


It's that time of year! And I must say, I am drawn to these kettles when they appear.

I go out of my way to drop my change into them. And let me be clear: I can not resist them.

But, it seems to me it has been more than a year, since these red kettles have been near.

Though today after swimming, I had errands galore,

the last of which was going to my Giant grocery store.

It was, indeed, a trip I abhor, one that involves buying dinners and more…

When what to my aging ears did I hear? The soft ringing sound of a bell that was quite near.

It took but a moment to see her, the dear,

a friendly face from the past, I was quickly filled with good cheer!

We exchanged happy greetings, and I gave a few bucks to the familiar Red Kettle

that with bell in her hand she stood near.

It was just our good luck, that we met this nice day.

“Merry Christmas!” I said, “I'm so glad you are here.

I'll pass along your hellos to the gals at the pool.

They will be eager to hear what you and I had to say.”

I wanted a photo. For my blog, if I may?

She was happy to pose, and with that I was on my way.

I am glad to report that our happy meeting had turned my trip to the store into more than a chore.




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