Foot Loose and Fancy Free

I'm starting to see a little more clearly how wonderful it is to be an empty nester. Yep. I just wrote that. I miss the kids (and Chip, still), of course. But it occurred to me today that I am so busy now, I don't have time for them. Obviously, I will change this tune when they are home. I think. I might be even busier now than when we were juggling all of their activities. I enjoyed that time of my life even though it was pretty stressful. But, I do see the attraction of this time of my life. All those moms who said, “You're gonna love being an empty nester,” had already discovered their new found freedom. I wasn't so sure I'd love it. I thought I'd deal with it. But, after yet another weekend at home, doing errands and chores, we have also done lots of “whatever we wanted to do,” as well. We got a decent bike ride in yesterday. We even went to the movies. Today, I went to a great yoga class I haven't been to in years. John watched his football team win. When Alyssa asked what is going on at home today, we had lots to talk about. I am filled with gratitude for this unexpected gift of being able to be a little foot loose and fancy free.



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