Striking A Balance

I was hoping to have a well-balanced day today, and it worked. Since it is Saturday, we had a lot of chores around the house to do. So, part one of the day was cleaning. I started off the morning by attacking the kitchen. I then moved on to the dining room. It is amazing how the clutter collects in these rooms. As a friend put it tonight, “It’s like one big in-box!” It is so true. After sorting and straightening for what seemed like hours, it was time to move on to part two of the day. Part two of the day was fitness. The weather was supposed to be nice, so John and I planned a bike ride. We decided to ride the BWI Airport Loop today. It was 51 degrees outside. It sounded warm enough. However, it was overcast and damp, and therefore, it seemed colder. I probably would have been fine if it had been sunny, but I was cold. We did the ride in record time. And we definitely felt it. It was harder than I remember when we were in cycling shape. After, part three of the day was fun time. We met friends for dinner, and then we were off to catch a movie. Despite not having time to do any writing, I feel like we did strike a nice balance between chores, exercise, and fun. The movie we went to see, Last Vegas, was really funny, so we enjoyed some good laughs.


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