Keep On Keeping On


Today ended up not being as productive as I had expected. I got my workout done first thing, as I had planned. I felt pretty good at swim practice. The yardage we did today was not as high as it had been, but it was fine. I took a glance at my yardage to date for the year the other day. I'm going to probably end up over 250 miles but not close enough to 275 or 300 to really make it worth the potential overuse injuries trying to get there. But, who knows? My competitiveness will probably kick in, and I'll be in physical therapy for my shoulders in January just like the year I fought to get to 300 miles. And by fought, I mean I got uber competitive and ended up swimming a lot at the very end to make it to that 300 mile goal. It took its toll. Did I say something about being older and wiser as recently as yesterday? We shall see. Anyway, after my workout, I did not have a set agenda of to do's. So just little things here and there got done. I was going to be a tad unhappy about this, but I have decided to consider today a kind of “active recovery” day. I had been working, cleaning, party planning, and etc. in “all out” mode. So, today was more of a “I am still moving forward, but not at high speed” day. And, it's certainly not time to go into “cool down” mode. Likewise, it's not time to go into “meltdown mode” either. I just need to keep on keeping on, as the old saying goes.



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