Getting it All Done


I made a decision to get a few 50th Wedding Anniversary party errands done this morning. The party will be here before I know it, which is not to say I'm panicking. I'm not. Well, I'm not at the moment. I was excited to find some cute paper goods and decorations at Party City. I think I got everything I will need, but I may be back to the store once I have the final plan done. I got a couple other items on the to do list completed that were weighing on me. Choosing to get party stuff out of the way meant that I did not workout this morning. I know! I feel guilty. I have to keep up with the total conditioning class, especially heading into holiday and party season. But, I really needed the peace of mind that came with getting those errands done. Although it wasn't too long into the afternoon that I missed working out. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day. I am feeling like I have to keep plugging away at getting things done on several fronts for multiple upcoming events almost simultaneously. In short, I feel busier than ever. However, I am in good company. I got together for dinner tonight with two good friends that I don't see too often. Hearing about their busy schedules, it's clear that none of us are slowing down. In fact, I think we demonstrate that with age comes not only wisdom, but incredible time management and multitasking abilities. Tomorrow I plan to start my day back in the pool and enjoying my “black line therapy.” I will no doubt be ready to tackle the never ending to do list after a good swim workout.



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