The Dumbest Thing I Took Abroad

Today I am participating in Small Planet Studio's November Blog Mini Challenge. #GlobalLife2014

The question for today is: What's the weirdest or dumbest thing you've taken abroad?

My first trip overseas was to Spain on a school-sponsored trip in the Spring of my Senior year in high school. I was 16 years old. I had studied Spain, Spanish culture, and the Spanish language. I had gone through several pre-travel meetings with all of my classmate/travel companions to get detailed safety, packing, and other culture-related information that would help us make the most of our trip. And, after all of that preparation, I still took my American dining and “timing” with me- we all did. It definitely strikes me as the dumbest thing I took abroad. It took us several days to literally “find the people.” We were eating and walking around the city streets just off the Spanish timetable enough that we were missing opportunities to experience the real Spain. Our days were filled with seeing so many new and interesting sites, that we were exhausted by late evening. The first few days we fell asleep before the late dinner and nightlife started. Thus, we missed exposure to some of the more subtle cultural experiences, at least in the beginning of the trip. And, I remember wishing that I would have left that ingrained American part of me back in the States. #MyGlobalLife

The photo is of my first time seeing a bullfight.



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