The 24/7 Nest

The nest may be empty, but we are still on-call and reachable by myriad means of communication. I have “talked” to my son over Twitter, Twitter Direct Message, “Likes” on Instagram, text messages and actual telephone conversations (in the past two days alone). Yesterday he texted me and asked us to send him a couple things from home, and he included photos of what he needed. I was able to get a care package off to him today (via UPS ground). He called tonight to tell us it was snowing at his school…which is in the south…where he went so he would not be cold, which strikes me as a little funny. But, how great was it that he called? I'm so glad we have gotten to hear from him more than when he first got to school. And, it is not only when he needs something. I get calls and texts from our daughter too. She has always been good about calling and/or texting. Tonight I got the cooking question call at 6:00PM almost on the dot. I remember making a lot of those calls to my mom when I was first on my own and trying to cook my meals. Although, we just had one way to communicate. It was by telephone. A telephone that was stuck to the wall, or it may have been a cool, new-ish model telephone with a base and a cordless handset. I remember having to say, “Hold on. I have to switch phones,” to be able to use the phone in the room I needed or wanted to be in, as opposed to the room where I had answered the initial call. Now, I might say, “Hold on, I'm getting a text,” and actually check incoming messages while on the phone. It is very cool. With all of the mobility of todays phones and numbers of communication options, kids and parents today sure have it good when it comes to keeping in touch. What a difference from the days when I was the one who left the nest.



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