Back in the (Bike) Saddle Again

We got back on our bikes today after a pretty long break. All the traveling we were doing was taking up all of our ride time. So after again attacking household chores first thing this morning, we took a break and loaded the bikes onto the SUV and set off. We decided to go to the B&A Trail, which is the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail in Maryland. We parked at the Earleigh Heights parking area, where the Ranger Station is located, and unloaded the bikes. The weather was pretty nice for a bike ride. It was sunny and just about 58 degrees. We laughed when we noticed that most of the folks we were seeing on the trail were couples our age or older. It was quite funny. The trail was not crowded at all today. But, as I told John, all the parents with kids at home are at soccer games or lacrosse tournaments. So, it was the older, empty nest set hitting the trail today. We got up to the end of the trail on the way to Annapolis, and stopped for a few minutes. My GPS fitness app on my phone had my miles correct (7.2 miles) but it didn't log the time properly. It said it took me 15 minutes! Tour De France, here I come! But, that was not right and it annoyed me. It did not correct itself for the return trip. It had that I rode 14.52 miles in 16 minutes, averaging something like 50 MPH…Ridiculous. But it was a fun ride even though the winds picked up on our way back to the parking lot. We were fighting a seriously strong headwind all the way, and we were very tired by the end of the ride. Tired but really happy and glad we went. Today I really felt like I was maybe getting the hang of this whole empty nest thing. Unlike yesterday when I was feeling a bit down about it. It was just hitting me how truly “launched” my kids are. Even though I know plenty of parents who thought they had launched their kids and they came home again. It's just not the same and it won't ever be again. Anyway, getting out and getting in a great cycling workout in the fresh fall air was just what I needed.



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