Sweet Success

Progress made equals success for me today. As the big 50th Wedding Anniversary party rapidly approaches, I have so much to do I need to keep my head down, nose to the grindstone, and get to it. I don't really feel I have the luxury of time to spend worrying about what needs to get done. I have to just do. One of the items on the “Just Recently Completed List” is picking out the bakery for the cake. I decided I didn't want to go with the usual grocery store kind. I want a delicious, special cake. I had invited my mom to come with me, and we had three bakeries on our list to visit this afternoon. A friend of a friend had just raved about Touché Touchet in Columbia, MD. So, I wanted to go there first. I am so happy we did. I loved the ladies we spoke to, and the cake and frosting we sampled was the best I've ever had. So, our search for the perfect cake started and ended at our first stop. Hurrah. I spent several hours earlier in the day trying to sort through some major piles of paper and junk, so as to find the surfaces of furniture and shelves that I know existed when we bought them. It is incredible how quickly odds and ends of this and that accumulates. My trash and recycling bins are filling rapidly, which means I'm making progress. Thank goodness. I needed a day of big progress to inspire me to keep moving forward. So, progress equaled success today, for sure.



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