The Early Blogger Gets the Worm

I got a jump on my day today thanks to waking up about an hour and a half earlier than usual. I would normally try to fall back to sleep but there was a combination of too much daylight and too many things to do to get any more sleep. Part of my energy boost is the result of connecting with an awesome group of bloggers in my area. I formally submitted my blog to their website,, which “aggregates the blogs of people, organizations and businesses in Howard County, MD,” as stated on the site. And I attended my first HoCoBlogs party last night and met people I have been following and interacting with on Twitter but had never met in person before. So, no wonder I'm energized! I was so pleased by my accomplishments already today that my early morning mantra was: Worms fear me! I have several more tasks that involve being on my computer to take care of, my total conditioning fitness class, a trip to the grocery store, and then off to work this afternoon. I hope to have more time later today do some writing for a Small Planet Studio November Blog Mini Challenge I am going to do #GlobalLife2014. It's a great start to the day for this early blogger.



2 thoughts on “The Early Blogger Gets the Worm

  1. Welcome to the HoCo blogging community. I must have missed meeting you at the blogging party last week. As a recent empty nester I can relate to your posts. We also bike a great deal on the local trails during the week. Greatest time of our lives.

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