In this Empty Nest

Back when my kids were still living here full time, I did laundry on a schedule that was quite regular. I did laundry on Sundays. The only exceptions were usually involving uniforms for mid-week games or something that was missed but urgently needed before the next Sunday. It always seemed like a lot of laundry, too. I might have had seven or eight different loads. Now, as an empty nester, and one who was traveling over a lot of weekends, I find I'm doing laundry at odd times. Often it's because the loads of laundry are so small that sometimes I'll just wait a few extra days to add to them. But, I'm doing laundry weekday nights, middle of the day in mid week, early morning, you name it. Being out of my Sunday routine means sometimes laundry gets “lost” in the dryer. Or worse, it gets left in the washer, not to be found until the next load goes in. Truthfully, I have only lost track of two or maybe three loads since being an empty nester. And, happily, neither John nor I needed an article of clothing that was forgotten and hadn't completed the circuit. I'm not too eager to have the kids find out that their parents (or me, mostly) lose loads of laundry. So, I'm not mentioning it. What happens at home while the kids are gone, stays at home. It's just another area of adjustment in this empty nest.



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