I was slogging through my afternoon after a solid Masters swim practice and delightful lunch with my friend Sue. We ate at a local lunch spot called Bon Fresco in Columbia that has become our favorite. We had the most delicious London broil sandwich and mini potato salad. It was great. But then, I had errands to run. I was grocery shopping and was completely underwhelmed at the prospect of making dinners for the two of us for the week ahead. It's proven to be one of my least favorite aspects of being an empty nester- going from making dinners for four (with the potential of having leftovers that at least one or two can have for lunch the next day) to making dinner for two. I just didn't have the ideas to get me excited about making anything. I realized I would get inspired to cook for the kids because they had favorite dinners. I could ask around and see what everyone wanted and then pick one of their choices. I don't want to fall into the habit of eating out all the time like I hear some couples have done. So, I picked up a couple of basics and decided on soup for dinner. And then, out of the blue, my son called me. Yes, he called me without me prompting him to call. And, he had good news to share. I was so happy to hear from him. Then, later in the evening, Alyssa had texted me about some good things happening in her day, so I gave her a call to hear more details. It was so fun to talk to both kids and hear they are both doing well. I am feeling very blessed, #Blessed, as they say on Twitter.



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