I Love To Laugh

I was doing some work this morning for a writing project I hope to launch sometime this coming week. We were driving home from our latest weekend trip. John was driving and I was writing, when all of a sudden I typed “airpork” instead of “airport.” As what I had typed hit me, I started giggling uncontrollably-complete with tears streaming down my cheeks. I'm not sure why that word struck me as so funny. I couldn't even tell John why I was laughing so hard for a few minutes because I was laughing so hard. It felt really good to have such a great laugh. I love to laugh. There have been plenty of emotional times for me since August, so I thoroughly enjoyed my good old fashioned laughing fit. The Photo I picked for today's post is one I took of a cool and funny sculpture we encountered in Newport, RI that appears to have been modified by another comedian, who worried the feet would get cold!



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