Strange Time Phenomenon Solved

I've noticed a weird time phenomenon since our Masters swim practice time has changed. It seems that the half hour between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM goes much more quickly than the 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM half hour used to go. How can that be? It can't be. I mean I am literally running out the door at 9:30, where it used to be that I could saunter or meander or stroll at 10:00. It could be that I am still trying to cram all of the chores and etc. that I used to get done with the extra half hour. But, I don't remember it taking until 10:00 to get all my stuff done before. It was more like, well, I only have a half hour or 45 minutes so I may as well not start something new. So, I felt less pressure. Although, now that I really reflect on this phenomenon, I think in general my weekdays are more crammed with household chores and errands because we are traveling a lot over the weekends. Aha! I just had an Oprah aha! moment. I feel like I just solved a great mystery. Whew. That makes a lot more sense. I am so happy to have a busy Fall and still make time to swim. I think it has helped with the transition to being an empty nester.



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