Going Postal For Party Plans

I am trying to get back on track today after having had another abrupt change of plans yesterday regarding my timeline for getting the invitations to my parents 50th wedding anniversary party mailed out. First, the proof for the invitations arrived four days later than I was told it would. Seven full days after I placed the order. So, my planned send date was pushed back a little over a week. Fast forward to me sitting down with the cute invitations, the names and addresses, the table cleaned and clear, and ahhhh, I am calm and relaxed. I get through about half of them and see that it’s getting late. I had planned to address and stuff the envelopes, then mail them from the post office. I wanted to use pretty, wedding/anniversary/love-themed stamps, which I did not already have. So, I would take the addressed envelopes with me, buy the stamps, stick them on, and mail them. I then realized that I did not have the return address labels that I wanted to use. Grrrr. Trying not to panic, I decided to go ahead to the post office and pick up the stamps. John would reprint the return address labels that night, and I would mail the invites the next day. So, I went to a main branch post office, which I learned, does not necessarily mean it is fully stocked. When I asked for “pretty wedding or anniversary themed stamps,” I was handed a pack of floral stamps and told that was my only choice. No Love stamps. No Wedding Cake stamps. Only Flower stamps. The flowers are nice, but I was not happy. And although I was shocked that a post office only had one kind of stamp, I, for some reason, thought of Christmas stamps. I was there so why not take care of that business, too, right? So I asked for Christmas stamps. Nope, they did not have any. Apparently they had sold a lot of them lately. I’m thinking, “It’s October. You’re telling me the post office ran out of Christmas stamps before Halloween?” Yes. I would need to come back in three or four days. Or, I can order them online. I went ahead and used the flower stamps and mailed the invitations today. It was the best I could do. I wanted them to go out over a week ago but it did not happen. I’m sure it will be fine, but I tend to get really “passionate and opinionated” about having things done a certain way when I plan a party. Yes, I can have an inner control freak. I’m trying to calm her down. I need to pace myself. These are only the invitations. I’m breathing. I’m calm. Everything is as it should be. Deep yoga breath. Steal a few pieces of Halloween candy. Breathe again. Now I’m going to need to plan to swim extra laps at practice tomorrow, which I will do happily.


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