Public Restrooms

I have spent a little too much time in public restrooms lately. Do I have a “problem,” you wonder? Not the kind you may be thinking. No, my husband and I are Empty Nesters. We have one soccer playing daughter in her Senior year of college in Rhode Island and a club soccer playing son in college in North Carolina. So, my “problem” is that of excessive travel, primarily to see our daughter's final season of college soccer. As a result of the many hours spent on the road, and therefore in public restrooms, I have seen all sorts of faucets, automatic and not; hand dryers of the “green” variety or paper variety; toilets requiring manual flushing and ones that flush with the slightest movement (no pun intended). There really are a multitude of different types of restroom equipment out there. And I didn't think of myself as an expert at these machines, per se. However, I must look like I know what I'm doing because over the past weekend, I helped several fellow restroom users navigate automatic sinks and hand dryers with minimal flapping, waving, and frustration. Who knew I'd become such an expert? I find it reassuring that whenever I enter a public restroom, whether brand new and complete with environmentally friendly devices or not, I feel a confident “been there, done that and know what to do.” So there won't be any unnecessary waving, frustration, or sanitary worries for me. I'm just taking a break and enjoying the journey.



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