Lists and Notes and Reminders, Oh My!

I am the Queen of notes and note pads. Which is to say, I am a list maker and/or someone who needs to have written reminders. I have lists, mostly on paper. But, I have recently taken, under certain circumstances, to using an App on my phone for jotting down this and that. For example, I wrote down the name of a recommended bakery for the 50th anniversary party cake, on another virtual note page, I wrote the name and address of a fantastic restaurant that I did not want to forget, among other random things. These are things I want to be able to find easily in the future, but I don’t need to have them written down and kept under my nose so I don’t forget. In the paper or hard copy realm, I have huge piles of scrap scratch paper, that I reuse and repurpose for my lists and notes to myself. My purse is filled with little scraps of paper with all sorts of information scribbled on them. I have To Do lists, To Remember lists and To Buy, To Cook, To Clean lists, and you get the idea. Soon, I will add holiday and gift lists to the piles of paper in my purse. I came across the above pictured notepad and loved it! It is an “Accomplished List” notepad from The Courtyard Marriott hotel. I’m pretty sure I could incorporate this kind of list into my repertoire without a problem. In fact, I’m already thinking of how helpful such a list might be for my parents 50th anniversary party planning.


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