Contentment (and Fashion) Restored

I got the deal of the day, today! I went to The Mall to pick up the 50th Wedding Anniversary invitations that arrived a day earlier than expected, which was great news. Yay! They look spectacular. Double yay! As I was leaving the store, I noticed some pretty bags in the leather store next door. I have been looking unsuccessfully for a new purse since, I don't know, last spring. Anyway, I was greeted at the store entrance by a gentleman who informed me that for today only the entire store was 60% off and purses and bags were an additional 30% off. Whoa. I made a quick mental note that I was not leaving the store without a new purse. And, luckily, I was able to find one I really liked, and I bought it for a delightful price. What a great deal. I was tempted to buy a second one, but didn't want to spend that much money. I've got a 50th anniversary party to throw soon, right? Yes. Plus, I can only carry one purse at a time anyway. Prior to my big deal, my day started off on a great note, also. I finally got back to the pool. Triple yay! It felt like it had been so long that I really had to think about what I needed and when I had to leave. Sheesh, and I'm not that old. As I expected, it felt wonderful to swim again and to catch up with my swimmer friends. Stress reduced. Contentment (and fashion) restored.



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