Gratitude and Balance

At approximately 8:10 PM, I was literally in mid-whine about how strapped for time I am and how much I have to do when I heard my phone’s text message notification. Of course I thought it was my son acknowledging a text I had sent to him earlier this evening, but it wasn’t him. (Why would I think he would text his mother after Fall Break when he didn’t before Fall Break?!) Although, it could have been my daughter following up on a couple of earlier text conversations we had had, but it wasn’t her either. It was my manager from the swim shop letting me know I could have Thursday off, if I needed it. Woohoo! I could not believe it. We are usually short staffed, so this was an exciting and uncommon occurrence that could not have come at a better time. Apparently, one of the other part time gals had the day off from her 9-5 job and wanted some extra hours. I could have jumped for joy, but, sadly, I am so exhausted from my little friends at the elementary school today that there will be no jumping. We had a packed schedule with very little down time, and the little ones kept us on our toes. So, my manager’s thoughtful text to me opened up a block of time I didn’t think I was going to have and at least half the weight of the world dropped off my shoulders. I am so grateful. I have more balance between my “Have to do” list and my “Want to do” list. Gratitude and balance are just what I need right now.


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