Yoga Chants and Meditation

I have so many “irons in the fire” as they say, that I may want to make a full retreat from everything and everyone by Thursday. As it stands now, Thursday morning will be my first chance to get back in the pool since last Friday morning. I swam on my own on Friday since there were several issues that prevented our Masters group from having our regularly scheduled practice. Those who know me, know that extreme stress and an absence of chlorine are not the optimal circumstances for me. My optimal circumstance is chlorine amounts that are in direct proportion to the stress amounts. So, having a schedule that prevents me from swimming is a “red flag” as I say. Oh boy. I just had a flashback to the robot from the old TV show Lost In Space, zipping around, with robot arms flailing, and saying, “Danger, Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!” That is either a sign I’m more exhausted and on the “edge” than I thought or that I still have my sense of humor. I’m not sure which it is, but I do realize that I am going to need to add a self-care widget, if you will, to my calendar before I lose my mind. I’m going to grab my yoga music/chants cd and do some meditation for tonight and hope that tomorrow brings an opening in my schedule wide enough to get in some lap swimming or the Yoga for Athletes class tomorrow night. Namaste.


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