The Case of The Missing Smoke Detector

We spent a good portion of the day in search of a missing part of a three part project that my husband had planned to complete today. He wanted to get a couple little projects done around the house. I was doing my usual laundry and housekeeping chores. And, since it’s Alex’s last day home of Fall Break, we were also running around getting him stuff he needed for round two of school. So, when John asked me where the new smoke alarm was, I could vaguely remember seeing it somewhere. Unfortunately, I could not remember exactly where. We both looked around the closets upstairs. He went looking downstairs in the basement, where, incidentally, the other two were stored waiting to be installed. I checked a couple places on the first floor and suggested a few others for him to check. We both kept coming up empty handed. How does something get lost in our own house? This is crazy. Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve misplaced or plain lost something in the house, but it is weird. We think between the two of us we’ve looked everywhere. Yet, we still haven’t found the third smoke alarm. So, I finally put on my Nancy Drew detective hat and asked him how long ago he bought them to do this project. He said he bought them two or three years ago. Ummm. “OK, I’m done looking,” I say. Followed by, “We’ve been so busy these past two or three years that you’re just deciding to do this project now?” I was laughing at the irony of how urgently we were searching the house for something that had waited almost three years to be done. However, it does make sense that it would occur to him to finally replace our working smoke alarms, since he just replaced/updated our working carbon monoxide detector. I still have no clue where the third alarm is, but it is less shocking that it is missing given the amount of time it has been lying around here…somewhere.


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