Off We Go Again

It’s Friday. I can’t decide what to wear. No, it’s not because I have an amazing formal Gala tonight or an important job interview. Nope. I can’t decide what to wear because I am going to my daughter’s soccer game. Should be a no-brainer, right? Check the weather for the area, enter closet, grab weather appropriate clothing and move along. Well, sadly I am so superstitious that I am looking at all of my spirit wear options and trying to remember how the team did when I wore this shirt or that sweatshirt. Ugh. I have made this too difficult for myself. Well, I ended up choosing a shirt I haven’t worn yet. So, that solves that. Now, the exciting and interesting thing about this trip North, is that we are bringing our son Alex to this game. He has already questioned why we are leaving six hours early when it takes three to get to our destination. After an implied, “Because we said so.” I say, “Well, you remember 95, right?” And he sort of nodded and ambled off. Hummm. I guess he is not reading his Mother’s blog. I’m sure I’ve told countless tales of traffic woes. Oh well. Should be a fun day! Or, more likely it will be a typical trip for us, since Alex will be plugged into his music and/or napping, leaving us to enjoy the journey as we usually do!


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