A Visit With A Longtime Friend

I wonder if everyone has that one friend who pops in and out of their life and always seems to be “in motion”? An uber confident, uber independent, go-getter of a friend, who always manages to re-appear every so many years? I have such a friend. She is a successful executive business woman now, and she just popped back into my life to tell me about her newest adventure. She, her husband and her youngest are moving to Georgia again. Her son, a freshman in college in another state, will be seeing his new home over his Thanksgiving Break. My friend said that she was “given an offer she couldn’t refuse,” and had started working in this new job over the summer. It was clearly a great move for her to make, and I can see that she is very happy. I am so glad she contacted me and told me she was moving this weekend, so we could get together for lunch before she left. It’s a miracle we were both able to make it. It was fun to catch up with her, and I am so thrilled for her and her successful career. She has always seemed so fearless and responsible to me. I guess because I have never been on a career track that has involved moving out of state, and she just handles these relocations like they are no big deal. I can’t imagine moving at this point, but I suspect one of the reasons she has been able to pop back into my life over all these years is that I haven’t really left the area where we grew up. I think it’s awesome that when we do reconnect, it’s as if no time has passed at all. It’s very cool to have a friendship spanning 35 years. I’m feeling blessed and happy.


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