A Return to Routine

Today was about routine. As in, I was able to spend my third week day in a row doing what I usually do on that day, which today happens to be a Wednesday. This might not sound like that big of a deal, but I really feel like I have been doing lots of new things since becoming an empty nester in August. Well, that is not quite right. I have done a lot things and some new things and some “seasonal” things (like traveling to my kids soccer games every weekend and helping the photographers at a couple elementary schools), all with a different perspective since the kids have left for college and the dog is gone. Today felt comfortable and uneventfully routine. Although I’m cheating a little on the Empty Nest front, since my son is still home for Fall break. And, we invited my dad over for dinner since my mom was not home. So, there were a lot more people hanging around than usual this evening, but the basic feeling of being able to be back in my routine was nice. It allowed me to get a couple of odds and ends done around the house and to experience a peacefulness instead of hecticness throughout the day. What a joy. I feel like my day was a Seinfeld episode. It was about nothing and yet, it filled a blog entry.


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