Photographs Spanning the Digital Divide

As a fan of books and not at all a fan of E-books, I may seem old fashioned or like I am someone who does not like progress…or trees. However, I can tell you I do like trees and progress. I am particularly thrilled with the progress made with regard to Photography. Although I was not happy when Kodak faltered, I am glad to be where we are since the days of printed photographs from rolls of film developed over weeks, days, or hours that we then carefully pressed into albums, which were then stored on shelves. We are digital! What I love about this digital age is that digital pictures can be stored on a computer in great number and are more quickly perused, which makes it my preferred way of keeping photos. I remember when we first started using a digital camera. It was so cool to see the pictures right away and not have to wait to finish a roll of film or for it to be processed and picked up. I admit that when I was younger I really enjoyed looking through photo albums and would spend hours doing so, especially when family was in town. However, I am a lot more practical now. And, as a parent who has already spent countless hours going through photos, both digital and from negatives, to create poster-sized photo collages and electronic photo collages (for the fancy digital picture frames) for my kids’ high school graduation parties, I am a total fan of digital photos. I am again in the throes of a photo project which spans from the old fashioned negatives into the digital realm. My parents are soon celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I would like to have some photos from over the years on display during their party and will be gathering them from a variety of sources. I have their wedding album. The photos are in good condition but the book itself is fragile. I have my early, pre-digital photo albums to go through, although some of the photos in my albums are attached so strongly that it will be impossible to remove them without damage to the picture. And I have probably thousands of photos safely backed up on my computer, which are the easiest for me to go through and use. So, as I forge ahead with my latest project, I am so grateful for the speed with which I can go through our digital photos, as well as the ease and flexibility I have in what to do with them next. I see another very nice photo collage in my future.

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