Just Swimming Along

I decided to take a sneak peak at my year to date swimming mileage this evening. I track all of my fitness activities through the U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Log (FLOG). But I really like the fact that this program tells me how much swimming I’ve done in a week, month or year. I always enter my yardage in my FLOG after a practice, which means I have to make sure I know what yardage I swam before I leave the pool. If not, I end up having to email a lane mate or Sue, our coach, to find out what it was. So far this year, my FLOG tells me I’ve swam 209.54 miles, which is 368,784 yards or 337.216 Meters. My FLOG is linked to a fitness program called Go The Distance, which is sponsored by Nike. This fitness event runs through the calendar year, doesn’t cost anything to enter and offers participants awards for swimming specific milestones. For example, at 50 miles, participants receive a Nike GTD swim cap. At 250 miles, participants receive a Nike drawstring bag. And, at 500 miles, participants receive a Nike swim suit. I have been pretty consistently swimming over 250 miles a year. Last year, I worked like crazy to get to 300 miles. It was a challenge, but I was highly motivated. I was so happy to reach that milestone. This year I am going to be happy with any mile over 250 miles. So for almost halfway through October, I’m feeling pretty good about my 209+ miles. I’ll just keep swimming along.


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