A No Travel Weekend

This marks the first weekend in months that we have been home Friday-Sunday with no travel on any day. It was really strange, but good. We didn’t rent a car, we didn’t pay a toll, we didn’t pack a cooler, we didn’t make or eat a sandwich for lunch or dinner or snack. We didn’t scan through radio or Sirius XM channels for hours on end searching for songs that we liked or trying to catch scores to NFL games. We didn’t pack a suitcase, worry about weather in a state other than our own, or do last minute grabbing of things requested by the kids. We didn’t worry about having our gadgets, remembering a pile of stuff for one of the kids, or making a last minute batch of cookies. In short, we were able to just be – at home. Our minds and bodies in the same place. We didn’t need to think one, two, or three days ahead. I didn’t have a single blog post that was written on this or that turnpike or highway – not that I include that information in my final post. I just think it’s funny that the App I use to write my rough drafts has where it was written and weather conditions listed at the bottom of each draft. The more I think about it, the happier I am we had this downtime. And, the past four or five days have been rainy. At times, it’s been very rainy. So, we were not only able to have a non-travel weekend, we had a mostly stay inside kind of catch up on household chores couple of days. We did get out to get some chores and/or workouts done. I did another yoga class again today. The bottom line is that it was a very restful and restorative weekend. I was even able to do some more reading. Ahhhhhh.


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