The Nest is Half Full!

As parents of college kids know, you’ve done a million special things for your children throughout their lives. However, everything you’ve done seems to pale in significance to what you do that first time your child (who is now a young adult) comes home from college for the first time since being away. When my daughter came home for the first time, she had 35 teammates, coaches and a trainer with her. It was pretty stressful. We wanted everything to be just perfect. And, it was good. My brother even flew in from Michigan to surprise her and see her play a game in our area. We had dinner and birthday cake for her and the November birthdays on her team. The next time she came home we had homemade vegetable beef soup (my grandmother’s recipe) for dinner when she walked in the door and it was a hit. Tonight, my son came home for a week for Fall break. My husband and I were so excited – almost giddy schoolgirl excited. We each handled it differently though. I cleaned and straightened so Alex could come home to a sparkling house. And, I went with a homestyle chicken noodle soup with huge Pillsbury biscuits. He was thrilled. My husband, on the other hand, went into overdrive planning father/son outings. Haircuts, lunch at a restaurant that doesn’t serve salad, so I won’t go, an NFL football game, and etc. It was funny how excited and eager we both were to plan things to do with Alex during his break. The poor kid. He just wants to sleep and catch up on tv shows he’s missed, particularly Breaking Bad. So, that’s what he is doing. He emailed me this amazing picture of two galaxies colliding, called IC 2163, that he took using a telescope he has access to at school. Very cool. So, I am one happy mom tonight with my “nest” half full!


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