Thrift Store Shopping

I hit pay dirt at the Thrift store today. I wanted to stop in to see if they had the authors I have been looking for lately before sending out emails to friends. The store seemed to be newly stocked with very nice things. The first item I saw was a pair of Bruno Magli loafers in excellent condition. I then noticed a number of other designer items that were displayed close to the entrance/exit. I also had noticed there were quite a few cars in the parking lot and indeed the store was pretty full of customers. I made my way straight to the bookshelves, which seemed very nicely stocked and began perusing. There was a really decent selection today. I got almost to the end of the wall when I found the first book I wanted. Then, I poured over a bin of books that hadn’t made it onto the shelves yet and found three more paperbacks. I then looked on the adjacent wall where paperbacks are shelved and found two more including an elusive Lee Child. I couldn’t believe my good luck. Six books in one trip-wow. I am grateful to the people who donate nice things to thrift stores so that others of less means can afford to have clothes, shoes, toys, household items, and etc. Today I was very aware of the huge income disparity in my own city. I had toured an elementary school where I used to volunteer in which well over half of the student population receives lunch free or at a reduced rate. The school was recently renovated and is providing an awesome environment for the students. Then, I go to a crowded thrift store where very expensive shoes, clothes, and etc. were donated. It was a bit shocking, but I felt very fortunate to be able to spend money on books for my own enjoyment. I was also very proud of the five or so years I spent as a volunteer in a school that my children did not attend, but where my Spanish language skills were needed. And, I am so happy to see that students there have an awesome environment, caring teachers and an opportunity to learn in state-of-the-art classrooms, where they all get to be part of the “Haves.”


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