Good Reads

I really enjoyed the last book I read. I heard about the author, Lee Child, most recently from a customer at the swim shop. She was raving about Childs’ Jack Reacher books and recommended them if I wanted to read action/thrillers. I’m glad I gave it try. I just finished it yesterday, and I am already planning to get more books in this series. I would like to get them from a thrift store, if I can. Or, perhaps borrow a couple from a friend. I just need to figure out who has some of these books sitting around gathering dust on their bookshelves. I’m going to have to send out an email to my avid reader friends, as soon as possible. I went to a local thrift store a couple weeks ago, and was disappointed to not find one book by this author. I ended up paying top dollar at Barnes & Nobles for a couple books to hold me over until I can find some good reads at the thrift store. I don’t really have a lot down time to read right now, but I do like to have a good book handy for when I have a little block of time.


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