Happy Thoughts

There was the most shockingly beautiful sunset tonight. And I had the great fortune of going to a window to close the blinds at exactly the perfect time to see it. It was mesmerizing. I tried to capture the rich beauty of the colors with my phone’s camera, but it did not do it justice. I called out to my husband to come and see it and he, too, was awe struck by the vivid colors. He also tried to capture it with his phone’s camera, which did a slightly better job than mine did. Seeing this awesome sight made me reflect on my happy/gratitude thoughts for today. I got to swim today. I am always grateful when I can get to Masters. There were a couple of funny little incidents that we were able to laugh about throughout practice. Afterwards, I had lunch with friends and got to reflect some on my journey through my kids’ younger years and my volunteer experiences with PTA and other groups. Then, I finished my book and had a restful afternoon. I had a great visit with my daughter last weekend and get to see my son this coming weekend when he comes home for Fall break. I was so energized this evening I took a quick trip to the Mall. There were a couple new stores that I checked out. I bought only what I went to the Mall to buy in the first place, despite being a little tempted by the new stores. I am so grateful that beauty I saw in the sky filled me with thoughts of the beauty in my life.


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