On The Plus Side

Is your glass half empty or half full? I had several things on the to do list for today. And, despite waking up with a sinus headache that threatened to derail my plans at different times during the day, I got everything accomplished that I was hoping to do. Not a bad day. I swam Masters practice and felt really good. However, as I approached the Motor Vehicle Administration’s Express location, my headache returned worse than ever. Coincidence? Maybe. I got my number. It was a letter number combination. So, I could not really tell how long I would be waiting. Too many variables to figure it out. I realized I might be in big trouble picking the afternoon of the first full day of the government shutdown to do this license renewal chore. But, I am working and won’t have many other opportunities before it expires. So I took my book and my positive thinking to the open seat on a bench in the back of the lobby/waiting room. It was a full room. Not a good sign. In the end, it wasn’t too bad of a wait, although my headache made it feel worse than it probably would have been had I felt better. I got my picture taken and knew it was not a good day for it. But, choosing to stay positive, it’s done. I got a few other errands done and then took a nap. I am so grateful to have gotten all my errands done and gotten a nap, which finally got rid of my headache. Definitely a glass half full day!


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