The Housecleaning Dustup

I love to vacuum. I love how you can immediately see the progress you’ve made on your cleaning journey. I love that the vacuum leaves evidence of its hard work either by picking up the crumbs, dirt, dog hair, or whatever you were aiming its powerful rollers over or by the slightly raised pile, standing higher and free of the debris that weighed it down, that it leaves in its wake. I have another favorite cleaning tool. It’s my Shark Steamer Floor Cleaner. I love my Shark. It has cleaned my kitchen and bathroom floors and kept me from scrubbing on my hands and knees from the minute we purchased it. It would take my unbearably dirty floors and make them shine. It made me happy with its easy to use but major cleaning power. And, it just died. In mid kitchen floor cleaning. I quickly tried to get to the rest of the floor done before it completely cooled. I made it, but barely. My husband wants to check it out in a bit, hoping that it will work again. I don’t want to fight with it. I am clearing my calendar to make sure we buy a new one tomorrow. It just became the cleaning tool I can’t do without.


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