I welcomed the chance to return to my routine today. I needed it after the stress and travel of last week. Returning to the pool to see and swim with my Masters swim team friends was a comforting way to begin re-immersion into my home life. I got hugs, how are yous?, and a chance to spill my complex mothering/travel story with people who know me really, really well. I was asked about how my daughter is doing, how I’m doing, how fun was Parents Weekend with my son. I think they all secretly think I’m nuts for all the traveling we are doing, but most have kids of their own and get it on some level. True to form, my coach gave us a long swim as the warmup. It’s amazing how stress and strain melt away as the lap count increases. I secretly think the length of our warm up is directly proportional to the level of stress in my life because the coach knows me so well, but I could be wrong. Two of my usual lane mates were running late, so we had to catch up during the long kick set after the long swim and in short snippets between sets. It was good to get back to the business of our swim work out and hearing what was going on in others lives. After that much needed swim, I went for a massage. It was awesome and also much needed. Finally, rounding out my trifecta of restoration and re-immersion, is an outdoor yoga class tomorrow before heading to work. I think one or two more really good nights sleeps and I should be recovered from last week. Maybe.


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