One Happy Mom

I made it to Parent’s Weekend at my son’s school today. Hurrah! John drove down yesterday for the first night. Then today, I had the pleasure of flying in and avoiding the 5.5-6 hour drive. I came straight from my daughter’s school, after making sure she had everything she needed and was ready to go back on campus. Driving from her school would have been 11 hours or so. Whew! I’m glad I was able to fly. I got in a lot of reading time while in transit. It was great. Then, I had a nice visit with Alex and got caught up on his life at school. I’m so happy I made it, and Alex was happy I made it too. We caught the men’s soccer game and then were treated to a really nice fireworks display. It was so fun. I felt like the fireworks were a visual exclamation point to my efforts to take care of and be there for both kids. A little reward for an exhausting week. I am so grateful to have seen and hugged both kids today. Very tired, but very grateful.


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