A Pastime Restored

I have been enjoying writing my blog posts everyday since becoming an empty nester. But one thing I’ve noticed is how busy I am since we took the kids to their respective schools. This week I was going to be very busy with one of my favorite part time jobs, which is teaching high school students triathlon swim techniques. But, I was called into mom duty to help my daughter, who needed my immediate assistance. So, I unexpectedly ended up traveling to take care of her. This gave me an opportunity to finally do something I have been missing since starting this blog: Read a book. As I said, I enjoy writing this blog, I am so happy that I have not been sitting at home missing my kids and dog, I enjoy traveling around to the kids’ games, but I really like to pick up a good thriller and read it. And, not on an E-reader. I am so grateful to be able to be with my daughter when she needs me, for the extra visiting time we’ve had together and for a good book.


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