Pool Time Out

When the going gets tough, the tough swimmers get to a pool as quickly as possible and get in it. And, if you are in a hotel with your only option being a hotel pool, it’s very likely to be highly disappointing with regard to meeting the 25 yard pool length criteria is concerned. So, I am unexpectedly back in a hotel and “the going” was getting tough. I went to the swimmers Plan B, which was to get in and do every type of water aerobic move I could think of and had a good workout. As I jogged, treaded, rocked, leapt and just moved, I thought about how easy runners have it. They can do their sport just about anywhere and with very little “equipment.” But, since I had my suit with me, I was happy to make do with what I had- a pool to myself. And a hot hot tub. And when I needed to get back to the business at hand, I was certainly in a better place mentally and physically after the pool time out.


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