Picture Day!

I had a delightful day at an elementary school helping the photographers take school pictures. The kids were a joy. Of course, some of my little friends were hilarious. Here are a few of the more funny and/or charming stories of today.

A little boy in Kindergarten was so pleased with how handsome he looked, he declared, “I told my mom to make me gorgeous!” And he was. Then, there was the girl, also in Kindergarten, who had her hair curled and her pretty dress on obviously ready for picture day, but who decided at the last minute that she, “missed her mom” and burst into tears. There was also the silly exchange between our boss and a first grade boy. It started with our boss telling a first grade girl how pretty her earrings looked. The boy behind her in line said something, so the boss turned to him and said, “Oh, do you have earrings?” “No,” he said. “What about a nose ring?” “No,” said, “But I do have a belly button ring!” We cracked up, hoping, that he was being a good sport and not really sporting a belly button ring. The teachers seemed as happy about picture day as the kids were. And, they were very proud of what a great group of kids they had at the school. I usually ask the older kids how their day in X grade is going. And all the kids said great, or excellent, or good. I figured out that the two little girls in First grade who said excellent wanted to be teachers themselves someday. They were so cute. As my friend and I left the school when our day was done, we couldn’t help but wish all the schools we went to had such well behaved kids and teachers. It was a joyful picture day, indeed.


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