Acts of Kindness

These days, we as parents are frequently reminded how much the world has changed since our youth. The time before cell phones became so smart and absolutely “essential” to our very existence. We notice how children and adults alike are living with their heads down, staring at the little screens. We are losing our empathy, they say. We are losing our ability to look someone in the eye and tell them how we feel, what we want or need, they say. Well, that may be true. It may be why when I hear of an act of kindness bestowed upon one of my children, especially one that I can not be there to bestow myself because they are both in college now several states away from me, I am extra grateful. This evening my daughter’s friends made her dinner on a night she really needed the help and support. I was so happy to hear about it. Thank goodness “the smartphones” didn’t ruin her friends’ ability to reach out and be kind to her. And, thank goodness for the smartphone text I received from my daughter telling me about this wonderful, kind act that made her night.


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