Self Focus

Since I became an Empty Nester, I have not struggled so much with how to fill my time, because I have stayed very busy, especially trying to get to our Senior daughter’s soccer games, but how to not worry about “stuff.” I learned about an opportunity to take an outdoor yoga class on Sunday afternoons just last week. I was thrilled to realize I was actually going to be home this Sunday to take advantage of it. We are practicing in a covered pavilion in a very well-used park with a lake. The weather today was beautiful–70 degrees, sunny, but with many clouds. Lots of families and folks were out taking advantage of the day. And, there we were, having a yoga class. It was a perfect chance for me to practice complete self focus. Something that, with all of our traveling and busy schedules during the week, was even more important. I had a great session. We focused on doing the poses gently to enhance our overall positive experience and to gain the maximum yoga benefits. I found myself using my Let Go, Trust God mantra to quiet random thoughts that skittered through my brain. And, I was at peace in a beautiful setting, despite the activity happening all around us. There are many things to do this week, but for today, I enjoyed the gift of self focus and peace.


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