I feel so fortunate for the times that I feel I “nailed it” as a mom/parent. The occasions when I just happened to be where I was needed when I was needed. The times I have an idea to do something that seems to come out of no where, but it turns out to be an absolutely brilliant thing to do. Throughout my kids lives I feel like I have stumbled, bumbled and fumbled my way through parenting. Sometimes knowing what to do and other times not being so sure. And, other times, I shake my head at how lucky I was to have accidentally bumbled into doing the best thing I could have done; showing up at school at the exact right time, or being at an event I didn’t think was a big deal and it was, and etc. Well, last night, I made Alyssa some seasoned, breaded, turkey cutlets for her to throw in the freezer for a couple of quick dinners. Today, we traveled to her school to see her soccer game. And, I’m glad we did. She got hurt, the extent to which we are not sure yet, but she is in a lot of pain. I was glad to be there to provide hugs and support. I am also very grateful that I had an idea to bring her a dinner care package. She was very grateful too, which makes me feel like I may have had a “nailed it” moment with the dinner care package idea. Now, I need to “nail” my Having Faith and trusting God with regard to her injury.


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