Delightful Day

What a delightful day. It was the “perfect storm” of a couple of my favorite things: visiting with friends and swimming. I read an article that appeared on-line in The Swimming Blog of the Life and Style section of, called “The Joys of Swimming in a Club” which was posted on September 19, 2013 by Sally Goble, a woman who is a Masters swimmer in London, England. She wrote about her group and of why she loves swimming with a Club. She wrote what all of us who swim with a Masters group already know. The description of her club-mates could probably fit as a description of many Masters groups in the U.S. As I left for my own practice, I was happily, albeit mentally, thinking of some of my own reasons I love swimming with my Masters group. The chief among them, the people and the fact that I work harder in a group. I arrived at the pool at exactly the same time as one of my old Masters and “Swim, Lunch, Yoga Monday” friends, Linda, did. Only she had just driven in from her relatively new home in Connecticut, a 6 hour drive from us. The distance doesn’t stop Linda from driving down to swim with us whenever she can. It was such a great surprise. Then as we are all hugging and excitedly catching up, another friend I don’t see that often walked in the door. The best part of this serendipitous reunion was that I was there. I almost didn’t go swim today since I normally do Total Conditioning on Thursdays. But something nudged me toward the pool, shocking, I know. And, I’m so happy I went. The other great part was the actual swim. I left the pool in a great mood. I didn’t even mind that I had to go to work.


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