I think we need a theme song for the traveling we are doing. I keep saying, “We’re on the road again.” But I don’t like that Willie Nelson number all that much. So I’ll have to think of something else. Today, I am trying to keep my expectations in check about seeing Alex tomorrow. The first time I saw my daughter at college was when we went up for a soccer game to watch her play (it was only two long weeks after we’d dropped her off). She was on the field with her new team doing the pre-game warm up ritual. She looked so grown up and I burst into tears. I didn’t realize how much I had missed her. Or, the extent to which I was still processing her new surroundings. So, being older and wiser, I know I am probably in for some type of emotional response to seeing Alex on his campus with his new team and in his new surroundings. I already know I have missed him. So, it will be interesting and hopefully not awkward. I think my “Have Faith” and “Keep my expectations low,” are my mantras for today.


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